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    High nutrient calcium ii is developed mainly for people who have high blood sugar levels and produced for the supply of daily calcium need in diabetic people.

    High nutrient calcium ii contains more than 600mg calcium per box. It contains a supplement of pumpkin powder, which facilitates effective secretion from the pancreas and liver. It suppresses the accumulation of a particular protein which is special in diabetic cases. It contains malt rootlet which can propagate bacillus in the small intestine and improves the body's immune system. 

    High nutrient calcium ii is 100% natural and ha slow calories, low fat and no sucrose. High nutrient calcium ii is low in calories, fat, and with no sugar ingredients, is an ideal natural product for diabetic persons who suffer lack of calcium. Its preparation is 100% pure and natural. This special calcium powder helps in removing sugar while adding a pumpkin recipe pancreas mender.


Functions and benefits:

  • It prevents osteoporosis.
  • It prevents or fight diabetes due to some special recipe added.
  • It helps in infertility cases.
  • It prevents and treats backaches.
  • It is mostly consumed by pregnant women.
  • It helps prevent more than 109 kinds of ailment.
  • It helps maintain normal rhythm of the heart.
  • It helps maintain normal blood circulation.
  • It helps maintain the contraction and relaxation of muscles.
  • It helps in blood coagulation.


Special features:

  • Every 10g sachet contains more than 360mg calcium.
  • Contains pumpkin extract powder, with the active ingredient CTY suitable for diabetes.
  • Contains wheat grass substance that strengthens our body immune system.
  • Low calories, low fat, no sucrose and 100% natural.


Take one sachet, 1-2 times a day. Mix with warm water or with other food.

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