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FOS Syrup

    Tiens FOS Syrup is a dietary supplement existing in the form of prebiotic. Prebiotic can provide food for probiotic, which could be decomposed and absorbed by the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, thus promoting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and helping the maintenance of normal intestinal function.


What is FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharide) ?

  • Is a soluble dietary fiber.
  • Extremely low in calorie (10% of fat and 25% of starch and sugar).
  • FOS syrup is a recommended nutrition for those with digestive problems, and for individuals who wish to lose weight.

FOS syrup is suitable for:

  • People who are on a diet.
  • People who have long term constipation.
  • People who have bad intestinal function.
  • Children or adults who are malnourished.
  • Old people who are infirm and people who have intestinal discomforts.


  • Very effective for weight management and helps in lowering blood fat.
  • Lowers cholesterol and improves healthy skin.
  • Improves mineral absorption and strengthens the immune system.
  • Regulates immune system.
  • Lower blood fat.
  • Lubricates bowel and promotes ease in defecating.
  • Promotes absorption of minerals.
  • Promotes digestion.
  • Main the ecological balance of intestinal microorganisms.

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