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    Every 15 minutes on this circulation massager is equivalent to 5 miles of running exercise. The rate of blood flow in lower limb arteries improves by 54.4%. Systolic pressure can drop by 11.7%

Functions and benefits:

  • It helps to fight arthritic build-up at joints, and pains around the body.
  • It is a powerful weapon against strokes, by enhancing blood flow to the brain and around the body.
  • It is effective for controlling high blood pressure.
  • Powerful in fighting heart attacks.
  • Helps to regulate diabetic condition.
  • Promotes a healthy sex drive.
  • Good for shoulder and back pains.
  • Useful for combating insomnia.
  • Helps to clean blood vessels.
  • Stimulates the excretion of waste and toxins.
  • Helps relieve constipation.
  • Prevents and cures acid in the urine.
  • Helps relieve constipation.

Not suitable for:

  • Sufferers of a hemorrhage.
  • Anyone with severe heart problems or anyone with a peace maker.
  • Women who are menstruating or women who are pregnant.
  • Tuberculosis or DVT sufferers.
  • People who have recently had surgery.

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