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10 Health Rumors You Should Ignore
10 Health Rumors You Should Ignore

We tracked down some of the silliest, strangest, and just plain wrong health myths and urban legends. Can you get any of your friends to fall for them? ...see more

What can cause vaginal swelling
What can cause vaginal swelling

Vaginal swelling can be concerning and uncomfortable, but it rarely indicates severe illness. People with vaginal swelling often assume that they have a yeast infection, but this is just one of many possibilities. Vaginal swelling can be caused by allergies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), ...see more

This is how much protein you need in a day

This is actually how much protein you need a day. You know protein is non-negotiable, but this is exactly how much you should be eating, according to a dietitian. If you've been... read more

Foods to Avoid When You're Having Digestive Problems

Some people treat their bodies like a Ferrari; others, like a clunker. A Ferrari body is given a healthy diet with the right mix of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water, salts, vitamins, and soluble a... read more

How Do I Know I'm Really Addicted to Nicotine?

You may think you smoke because you want to but there are some telltale signs that you may have a nicotine addiction.... read more

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Lecithin + calcium

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Zinc Capsules

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Antilipemic tea

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